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Dezi usually means “pure heart” in India and a “prosperous person” in Mauritia. Still there are a lot of other derivations of the name. As far as I am concerned, I relate to the signification of the name Dezi in India. I am a person of pure heart, raised with the mentality to do to others what you would like to be done to you.

Dezi artist

I am artist since very young age. I started dancing and then I move on to singing. I did not my position as backsinger and others in my family were better singers than I was, so I decided to focus on Photography

Dezi instagram

I am on instagram. This is the link:

Dezi tiktok

I do not have a tiktok account yet, but I’ll join soon.

Dezi Facebook

I am on Facebook. This is the link:

Dezi Twitter

I am on instagram. This is the link:

Dezi music and Youtube

Although, I do not do videos for customers, I have a Youtube channel for my business. This is the link:

Dezi Contact

For any contact details, please check my contact page: 

Dezi sunglasses scandal

After we read the introduction it is clear that I have nothing to do with the Dezi sunglasses scandal nor I am a Dezi sunglasses dupe. Above all, at this end of the day we should be able to look into the mirror and sustain the image of the person we are seeing.

Dezi skin

My skin should not matter more than my talent. Still, I am a black male